Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega Could Star In Beetlejuice 2

Wednesday solemnly plays her cello as a fire rages beside her.

Picture: netflix

We’ve Heard a Lot About a Sequel to Tim Burton’s Beloved 1988 Film beetle juice, most being a variant of “doesn’t happen”. Even Burton himself said he doubted the movie would ever get made in 2019, and the former screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith said he completed the project in 2021. But now The Hollywood Reporter reports (from Hollywood) that not only Beetle Juice 2 go back on, Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega could also be in the game.

Sources say THR as Burton is set to direct, Michael Keaton will return as the titular ghost, and Ortega will likely play the daughter of movie star Winona Ryder’s original character, Lydia Deetz. If she takes the role, it would likely be the second goth girl she’s played for Burton, who also produced the Wednesday TV series for Netflix.

Now, before you get excited, just… don’t. This film has, understandably, been stuck in development hell for years, and getting a starring role is no guarantee. Beetle Juice 2 will finally happen. THR says the movie doesn’t have a firm production time or even a budget yet, and we don’t know what’s going on with the script either. But then again, and rightly so, this sequel refuses to rest in peace…

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