Watch Michelle Yeoh’s Mom’s Reaction to Her Daughter’s Oscar Win

Actress Michelle Yeoh made history with her historic Best Actress win at the 95th Academy Awards. Yeoh became the first Asian woman to receive the award thanks to her work on Everything everywhere all at once. While many people were supporting her in the room, starting with her teammate and good friend Jamie Lee Curtis, someone very special was cheering her on from thousands of miles away: her mother. Now, his emotional reaction to Yeoh’s win has warmed hearts around the world.

During her acceptance speech, Yeoh gave her mom and all moms around the world an uplifting cry. “I have to dedicate this to my mom, to all the moms in the world, because superheroes really are and without them none of us would be here tonight,” the actress said. “She is 84 and I am bringing this to her home. She is currently watching in Malaysia, KL, with my family and friends. I love you guys, I’m bringing this home to you.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, where the Oscars took place on a Monday morning, Yeoh’s mother, Janet, watched it all live, surrounded by friends, family, government officials and fans. . Footage of the moment actress Halle Berry read Yeoh’s name aloud shows Yeoh’s mother crying with joy and smiling as she raises her arms in the air. Some attendants then approach to kiss her. The other people in the room throw their fists and cheer Yeoh.

“I love my daughter so much and she has made Malaysia proud. Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can)! Janet said at a press conference after the viewing, according to The Associated Press. She also added that she was very proud of her “little princess” and recalled that the actress wanted to be a ballerina before joining the film industry. After the ceremony was over, Yeoh FaceTimed her mother to show her the trophy.

Besides his mother, Yeoh had other fierce supporters in his family. Her niece Vicki was sure her aunt would be the winner. “It was such an amazing moment,” she said. “I was speechless, I cried. The nominees are really strong, but we had no doubts. We keep telling him that you’re going to win… you’re going to take the stage with the golden man And that’s exactly what she did.

When Michelle Yeoh was announced Best Actress at the Oscars, her mother had a tearful reaction at a viewing party thousands of miles away in Malaysia.

Yeoh dedicated his award to his mother during his acceptance speech. “She’s 84 and I’m taking this home to her.”

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