The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Scene Andy Cohen Warned Us About Has Been Revealed


March 15, 2023 | 10:15 p.m.

Raquel Leviss thinks she could take Lala Kent’s man – if she had one.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” which Andy Cohen previously teased as “shocking,” Kent confronted Leviss after the latter decided to make a move on Oliver Saunders, who was married at the time. at a party in Las Vegas.

“I will say – you drink, I would never trust you around my man. Never,” the mother-of-one told Leviss.

Leviss – who admitted to being inebriated – simply shrugged and said: ‘I mean, like, thank God you don’t have a man to love f-king around.’

Raquel Leviss has hinted that she might steal Lala Kent’s boyfriend if she has one.
Kent immediately ended the conversation before it got too heated.

Visibly irritated and shocked by her confession, Kent told Leviss she was going to “shut up” and go to bed so she could have “a good rest from the trip.”

However, Kent admitted to Katie Maloney and Kristina Kelly that she chose to walk away from the situation for fear of a fight with Leviss, 28. She also acknowledged that “the second” Leviss said those words, “she immediately wanted to retract them.”

“I feel nervous at this point in my life with someone who is going to be a liability and who is unpredictable,” said Kent, 32.

However, in a confessional, Kent clarified, “If Raquel wasn’t wasted right now, I’d put the female dog back in her grave.”

Kent said she doesn’t want to be associated with people who might be a liability.
Katie Maloney further told her friends to “hide [their] Friends” by Leviss.

Meanwhile, Maloney teased that Leviss is “Mrs. I’m going out with your man,” adding, “Hide your kids, hide your boyfriend, hide your boyfriend, hide your boyfriend.

Maloney had fallen out with Leviss after discovering that the latter wanted to date the former’s ex-husband, Tom Schwartz.

“I’m starting to see a pattern in Raquel,” Maloney added in a confessional. “It seems like she’s only interested in men her friends are married to or interested in, and that’s a big red flag for me.”

Prior to knowing about “Scandoval,” Maloney said that Leviss “only cares about men his friends are married to or are interested in.”

Leviss, who had been listening to the conversation behind closed doors, later wept over his “Judge” co-stars.[ing]to “get drunk and have fun”.

Once sober, she confessed to Kent that she felt “embarrassed” by the conversation and even hinted that she didn’t remember what happened.

“I think anyone who is a woman would be offended by what you said,” Kent told her. “Do you feel that way? For example, if someone said, I don’t know if I’d be comfortable if you had one drink too many with my guy, ‘Do you really feel like, ‘Well, if you can’t not keep it, so here I am!’ Do you feel that?

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Leviss’ comment could be seen as a prefiguration of “Scandoval”.
The scene was filmed months before Leviss’ affair with Tom Sandoval was revealed.
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The interaction between the four women was filmed months before Leviss was exposed for having an affair with Tom Sandoval while he was with Ariana Madix, his girlfriend of nearly a decade.

Earlier this month, Madix found a sexually explicit video of Leviss on Sandoval’s phone and saw that the two had been “communicating inappropriately” since July 2022.

After being exposed, Sandoval and Leviss shared lengthy statements while Madix remained silent about the entire ordeal. However, she was spotted hanging out with friends and escaping to Mexico.

Ahead of Wednesday’s explosive episode, Cohen made it clear to fans that the episode was “untouched” after “Scandoval” made headlines.
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images
Leviss previously made headlines for kissing Tom Schwartz shortly after his divorce from Maloney.

Following the shocking news, Cohen clarified that this specific scene between Leviss and Kent was “uncut” and “untouched” to foreshadow “Scandoval.”

“The conversations that are going on between Katie and Lala and Raquel should not be believed in light of what’s come out,” Cohen pointed out on Monday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live.”

“That’s how it was going to be shown…which makes it all the more shocking. You won’t believe it.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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