The Last of Us’ Pedro Pascal Stars in Bizarre Merge Mansions Commercial

When Pedro Pascal is not busy playing in The last of us And The Mandalorian, or being a dad, he solves the strangely intense murder mystery of a mobile game. Yes, Pascal joined the Merge Mansion universe, featured in the latest mobile game ad.

The cinematic commercial is called “A Twisted Game”, where Pascal plays a detective named Tim Rockford. Let me back up a bit before explaining why a mobile game needs a detective: Merge Mansion is basically a match-three puzzle game. There is a story that happens between the separate puzzles, but the gist is that Merge Mansion has a mystery involving a grandmother. Now completely forget the game; Merge Mansion is also a cinematic universe of live-action shorts that has built a mysterious lore around the game, which centers on two characters, Maddie and Grandma Ursula.

Maddie shows up at the titular mansion on her wedding day, left at the altar by her future husband. Grandma Ursula hands her the keys to the mansion that Maddie is tasked with fixing (via a match-three game). Throughout the shorts (which were animated before developer Metacore went live), we learn more about Grandma’s secrets. All of this is told through these out-of-game ads, which have become increasingly lopsided. Kathy Bates stars in one where she twirls the nipples of a statue to open a secret passageway, which has apparently been cleared of Merge Mansionthe YouTube channel of.

The good news is that if you’re lost, Pascal Merge Mansion The ad is a rundown of just about everything – a family, a mansion, and many knives. He understands Merge MansionGrandmother Ursula’s infamous arrest scene, where she holds out a hand to the window of the police car with a message: He is alive.

But listen, don’t try to figure it all out – not even how this weird-as-hell mobile game got Pascal for a commercial. (Hint: That’s a lot of money. Besides what Merge Mansion earned from its 2 million active players, it raised around $180 million in funding in 2021.) You’re supposed to be confused. Just enjoy Pascal. Something tells me that even Pedro can’t solve this mystery.

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