Kyle Chrisley was allegedly threatened to kill his boss before his arrest for assault


Kyle Chrisley

Would have threatened to kill the boss

…before arrest for assault

Kyle Chrisley was ready to stab his boss with a knife before being arrested – at least according to Tennessee police, who say the alleged victim claimed as much.

In the arrest warrant, obtained by TMZ, a Smyrna PD officer details the call for duty he received prior to Tuesday’s aggravated assault arrest. According to the police account, the employer claimed that Chrisley made a death threat when he allegedly beat up his boss. The officer notes that the boss was beaten and bruised.

The paperwork spells it out clearly as day…boss told Smyrna PD Kyle yelled at him Deven Campbell Monday by hitting him several times in the face and upper body. There is no mention of the motive, or what sparked the fight, in the brief report.

Chrisley’s employer also told the officer … Kyle displayed a fixed blade knife during the altercation and threatened to stab and kill him. The cop says there were bruises and lacerations to Campbell’s head, neck and hand – which was enough for the cops to get a warrant for Chrisley’s arrest. They caught him on Tuesday and took him to jail.

As we first reported…Chrisley was booked for felony of aggravated assault, and released after posting $3,000 bond. He has yet to publicly announce the arrest.

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