John Fury calls Jake Paul, telling him to honor ‘all or nothing’ bet with Tommy Fury after loss

John Fury appeared to call Jake Paul to honor his ‘all or nothing’ bet with Tommy Fury, after the American bragged about taking in $30million from his loss.

The online sensation lost by split decision on Sunday to Tommy Fury, who handed Paul the first loss of his professional boxing career.

In a fiery pre-fight press conference last week, Paul had challenged a confident Fury to a deal that would see the winner take all the money.

Fury’s father, John, initially accepted the bet, before his son met Paul in the middle of the stage to shake his hand.

Although he emerged victorious from the ring, Fury apparently did not sign an official contract on the double or nothing bet. However, John Fury thinks Paul should still honor the deal.

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul agreed to ‘winner takes all’ deal in heated pre-fight press conference
The American online sensation lost to Fury by split decision in their eight-round fight on Sunday

Taking to his Instagram Story, John addressed ‘Jake Paul and his family’, saying he was ‘back in business’ after returning from the fight.

“Hello everyone, Jake Paul and his family,” the 58-year-old began. “Back home, well rested, so back to business.

“Jake, you know what I’m gonna do. We had a deal mate, we had a handshake. We said we’d box for free if we were defeated…’

The video was cut midway through John’s sentence, but it looked like he expected Paul to keep his end of the bargain as well, despite Tommy’s failure to sign the contract.

On Instagram after the fight, Paul bragged about taking $30 million from his clash with Fury, despite losing to the British reality star.

Although Fury inflicted the first career defeat on Paul’s record, the former YouTuber claimed he would still pocket an eight-figure check for his efforts.

He took to Instagram to post a video of himself pretending to cry before bursting into a smile with the caption: “When you lost but won $30m.”

Meanwhile, Fury is expected to earn about a third of Paul’s purse – without the double salary or anything – having been the underdog before the fight.

In several heated exchanges at last week’s press conference, an extremely confident Tommy claimed he would emerge victorious over Paul, leading the American to issue his challenge.

He said, “Look at my eyes. You fall asleep in four rounds. I am a fresh young fighter. You had two lucky escapes in this fight. You should have run away, you blew your ticket – I’m coming to behead you.

Fury’s dad John took to Instagram to apparently demand Paul pay up after his loss
Paul and Fury rock deal in heated press conference ahead of fight in Saudi Arabia

Paul then replied, “I think we are making a deal. If you win – I’ll pay you double what I already pay you – but if I win I take everything I pay you since you’re so confident. Agree or not agree?’

Fury then replied: ‘Why are you getting up? Sit down. I put you inside the first round – you’re like a *** house.

The pair then clashed and sought to clash before firmly shaking the proposed deal.

Paul then exposed John and claimed that “your dad is more confident than you” after a deal was struck.

John then simply added, “If Jake Paul beats Tommy Fury, he doesn’t deserve to pay.”

The pair then clashed and sought to clash before firmly shaking the proposed deal.

Paul then lost to Fury on Sunday in a split decision win after their eight-round battle.

Heavyweight veteran Derek Chisora, who was also on stage at the press conference, also felt it was now Paul’s duty to pay his debts after being beaten.

“When we were on stage in Arabia for this fight, Tommy and Jake squeezed the bet and they shook hands,” Chisora ​​said on his Instagram Story.

“I got the contract, so I think Tommy should get some money from Jake Paul, otherwise I’m going to leak the contract, I got it.

“A bet is a bet, they shook hands on it, you don’t need the contract and you don’t need anything.

Derek Chisora ​​(right), who was present at the press conference, urged Paul to pay his debts

“Man to man if you shake hands, you pay the man you shook hands with, so I think Jake Paul should wire money to Tommy, that’s fair.”

However, it was reported that the contract – which would have seen Fury double his $4.8 million purse for the fight – was never signed by him despite Chisora ​​posting a video of himself on delivering to the Briton after Paul did.

This would legally mean that Fury is not entitled to extra money from Paul. A clip has also since emerged of John Fury punching a reporter in the build-up to the fight when asked if Tommy had signed the contract.

In a video on the Betr TikTok page, John – who was watching Paul get his hands bandaged – was pressed about it and replied: ‘Let’s talk about boxing, that’s what we’re here for, boxing”, before adding: “I’m concentrating”.

He was then questioned again before knocking and fuming: ‘Why don’t you shut up. Listen, my video boy, shut up my video boy, little person.

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