Jack White releases a tribute to Meg White

Meg and Jack White performing together in 2007

Meg and Jack White performing together in 2007
Photo: John Shearer/WireImage for Warner Bros. Records (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, a post began circulating online that particularly brain-shocking internet litter is doing: A thread of, by Fork, a journalist named Lachlan Mackey, who called former White Stripes drummer Meg White a “terrible” drummer, while suggesting that the band would have been far more successful without her. (Mackey has since deleted the tweets.) After being conveyed fairly carefully, the comments have already drawn rebuttals from a number of prominent musicians, including Questlove. BBut now White’s former bandmate/husband Jack White has also chimed in…in his own path.

White didn’t address any of the internet heckling by name, but he did post what can only be considered an unequivocal note of support for his former drummer/spouse. That is to say, he job a photo of her on her Instagram accompanied by a poem calling out the “demons, cowards and bloodthirsty vampires” of the modern world, and praying for “an empty field where no great red poppy is felled”. Which is pretty oblique, as far as “fuck you” statements go. gobut the intent to defend is still quite clear and sweet.

The White Stripes officially broke up in 2011, although they hadn’t released any music for a few years prior. Meg White has since functionally retired from any form of public presence and has not released any new music in the meantime. (It’s not official or anything, but the last time she appeared in the press photo archive was back in 2009, while promoting the documentary White Stripes Under the big white aurora borealis.)

The white bands have has attracted renewed interest in recent times, however, as we approach the 20th anniversary of their most successful album, Elephant. (The album’s anniversary is April 1; we’ve already passed the anniversary of its debut single, the infinitely infectious “Seven Nation Army,” in February.) Elephant will soon be releasing a reissue to commemorate the occasion; meanwhile, the two white guys are currently up for inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame later this year.

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