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Next Up Hawaiian Airlines!  As Boeing takes over the Dreamliners

Good news today for Hawaiian Airlines; the suspension of deliveries of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and their next aircraft has just been lifted. This is great for Hawaii Bellwether as they are about to take delivery of their first new aircraft, which will dramatically change their fleet for the first time in over a decade.

The shutdown began unexpectedly in January when a problem arose with part of the fuselage that required further analysis to the satisfaction of the FAA. It was tied to the “787’s forward pressure bulkhead”. Over the past two months, as manufacturing continued and deliveries did not continue, airlines wondered how long it might take, even though the manufacturer did not expect it to be extended. . Concerns were heightened by the aircraft’s multiple manufacturing and delivery issues and delays in the past. Boeing said: “There are no immediate flight safety concerns for the in-service fleet (Dreamliner).”

A few months ago marked the 10th anniversary of Dreamliners. Today, the 787 is a game-changer and will usher Hawaiian Airlines into a new era.

The FAA has approved 787 deliveries to resume next week.

FAA requirements have been met, and no further delays or remediation are required for existing aircraft.

Will Hawaiian Dreamliners be crushed by huge UAL order

Hawaiian notified of delivery dates.

Next, Boeing communicates with airlines awaiting delivery, including Hawaiian Airlines, to integrate its first aircraft into its network planning.

Hawaiian recently increased its order of fleet-changing Dreamliners.

Hawaiian Airlines and Boeing Co. recently agreed to increase the number of planes and change their delivery schedule. While Hawaiian had originally purchased ten Dreamliners with options for ten additional aircraft, this was revised to an initial order of twelve aircraft.

Tentative delivery schedule for Hawaiian Dreamliners.

Could Hawaiian Dreamliners be hijacked by huge UAL order

Hawaiian last said deliveries of its first Boeing 787-9 could begin as early as October or as late as December. The remaining planes will arrive until 2027. Three more planes are expected to be delivered next year. The latest schedule includes a delay of more than two years from the original delivery plans first announced.

The question remains whether further delay could result from larger orders awaiting delivery. See Will Hawaiian Dreamliners be crushed by huge UAL order?

Why Hawaiian Airlines Dreamliner will change things so much.

When the planes arrive, they will not replace Hawaii’s decade-old fleet of 24 Airbus A330-200s. Dreamliners can fly greater distances while offering more luxury, overall comfort, and fuel economy than current aircraft. We look forward to seeing these aircraft on a variety of existing and new routes, as the aircraft can fly up to 14 hours or more and 7,635 miles in range. We suggest these may include:

  • Honolulu to New York
  • Honolulu to LA
  • Honolulu to San Francisco
  • Honolulu to Sydney
  • Honolulu to Tokyo
  • Honolulu to London (new)
  • Honolulu to Southeast Asia (new)

Double suites are just one of the features of Hawaiian Airlines Dreamliners.

With these aircraft, Hawaiian will be better equipped to target the high-end travel paradigm in Hawaii. The new business class seats are a significant improvement over the A330 widebody fleet, which was the airline’s first foray into stretched seating and did not offer all passengers direct aisle access, as it does. has become the industry standard. They are the first customer for a new suite from Adient Aerospace, pictured below. The middle seat combination is referred to as the “Cabana Suite”.


Waiting for economy configuration and possibility of premium economy.

There has been no announcement of their economy seating plans and configuration, although we know the hard product will come from Ascent. While Hawaiian said there would be no premium economy cabins, we believe that will change. It would be the only airline serving Hawaii that does not offer premium economy class. This, too, is becoming the industry standard on widebody aircraft.

Interior of the Hawaiian Airlines Dreamliner.

New Hawaiian Airlines 787 interior

Original announcement: up to 20 new Boeing 787 Dreamliners from Hawaiian Airlines

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