David Letterman Calls Tom Cruise’s Oscar No-Show Excuse ‘Nonsense’ – Deadline

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Where was Tom Cruise?

That was David Letterman’s burning question for Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel when he made an appearance on the show last night Jimmy Kimmel Live!

And the old Late at night the host wasn’t buying the official excuse.

“We don’t know where Tom Cruise was,” Kimmel said in response to Letterman’s question. “We have heard of production issues.”

Said Letterman, “What does that mean? It’s nonsense.

Despite six Oscar nominations for maverick (and a win, for Sound), Cruise did not attend Sunday’s awards show, due to scheduling conflicts. His absence soon gave rise to rumors that he feared Scientology jokes and/or was meeting his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. (He needn’t have worried about the former – Kimmel’s only reference was a tame reference to a shirtless cruise being “L. Ron Hubba Hubba”).

Kimmel sided with Letterman on the Risky business apology from the actor. “It’s very unspecific,” he said. “But we have no idea what happened,” adding: “It looks like he should have been there, but he wasn’t. Maybe he felt like he wasn’t going to win so he didn’t want to come.

When Kimmel called the cruise “the prince of Hollywood,” Letterman replied, “More to the power of your success. If Mr. Big Shot wasn’t there, the show has never been better. Well done, Jimmy.

Letterman also had questions about Cocaine Bear’s Oscar appearance, specifically who was inside the hilarious costume. Kimmel claimed Will Smith’s former musical partner, DJ Jazzy Jeff, was inside the fur suit.

“I know for a fact that’s a lie,” Letterman said. “I know it wasn’t Jazzy Jeff.”

“It was,” said an unconvincing Kimmel. “That was DJ Jazzy Jeff. Have you seen him?”

“That could have been me,” Letterman replied. “Why wasn’t it me?” »

Watch the interview above.

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