Canadian police investigate alleged Chinese ‘police stations’

The two alleged stations are in Montreal and Brossard.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have identified and are investigating two suspected Chinese police stations in Quebec, the RCMP confirmed in a statement to ABC News on Friday.

The two suspected stations are in Montreal and Brossard, said RCMP Sergeant Charles Poirier.

“The RCMP recognizes that Chinese Canadians have been victims of possible activities carried out by these centres,” Poirier said. “These activities and any other form of intimidation, harassment or harmful targeting of diaspora communities or individuals in Canada will not be tolerated.”

Because the investigation is ongoing, the RCMP could not provide further details on the situation, Poirier said.

Similar “police stations” have been set up in the United States, according to Safeguard Defenders, a Europe-based human rights organization. The group released its investigation showing the location of suspected Chinese “police stations” in the United States in September 2022.

FBI Director Christopher Wray expressed concern about these unauthorized police stations during a November 2022 congressional hearing.

“I am very concerned about this. We are aware of the existence of these stations,” Wray told a US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing in November.

“But to me, it’s outrageous to think that Chinese police would try to move into, you know, New York, let’s say, without proper coordination. It violates sovereignty and bypasses standard judicial and police cooperation processes,” did he declare. added.

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