Bengals hit 4-time Pro Bowl LT Orlando Brown, Jr.

“I think the reason I’ve been able to make the last four Pro Bowls is because my peers understand the type of player that I have talent,” Brown said, “I think being in Kansas City was a lot harder and a lot harder because of the one-on-ones. That’s what makes people respect me. That’s what makes the coaches, the front offices, the players (say) ‘When you line up against Orlando Brown, you’re gonna see him 45 times.'”

The Chiefs used the franchise tag on Brown after not agreeing to a long-term deal and they avoided using him again this free agency.

Whitworth has heard the alleged NFL CW that Brown is a better right tackle than a left tackle, but he’s not too sure. “He’s been productive in both places,” Whitworth said. Plus, he thinks Brown’s strength and size are a perfect fit for Burrow.

“Orlando won’t be knocked down. There’s no concern about that,” Whitworth said. “Joe just wants to know if you’re going to miss, where are you going to miss. If Orlando is going to be beaten, it’s probably going to be on an outside rush. So all Joe has to do is step up the pocket.”

Before he died at age 40 when his son Orlando “Zeus” was 15 in 2011, Brown was a respected figure in Cincinnati. He began his college career at Central State in Wilberforce, Ohio, and finished at South Carolina State before embarking on a 129-game career as an undrafted free agent with Bengals rival AFC Central Browns and Ravens in the 90s and then meeting them again. with the Ravens on the final day of AFC North.

As the Browns’ right tackle in 1995, Brown started the last game at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, a Browns victory over the Bengals. In 1999, as the right tackle for the new Cleveland Browns, he started the last game at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, a Bengals victory over the Browns.

Willie Anderson also recalls a Bengals-Ravens pregame in Baltimore when Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson had fun during warm-ups and jumped on the back of the 6-foot-7, 360 Brown. books. Brown objected and chased Johnson down the field until Johnson showed up, huffing and huffing, in the Bengals’ locker room and asking Anderson what he should do.

“Stay here until the game starts,” Anderson told him.

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